We are committed to continually improving Loveld’s record of sustainability. We started this journey several years ago, with large investments to improve energy efficiency, streamlining our processes, plant and management systems with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

One of the first steps in 2010 was to install a new solar panel system, which provides 70% of our total power requirement and has already saved 3,650 tons of carbon since its installation.

Since early 2010 we have a fully operational solar power station with a  700kWp peak power, comprising 3402 photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our Belgium-based plant.

We are proud to have surpassed the milestone of 7,000,000 kWh produced on our site since 2010. This equated to enough energy to supply 200 house-holds over a period of 11 years or charge 300k phones over the same period. The total amount of energy generated by the solar panels is equivalent to 67% of our total consumption. 34% of the energy generated is used directly. The other part is injected into the grid.

The solar energy produced equates to ... 

  • 2750 ton CO2 emission saved.
  • 82.000 trees planted
  • 22.000.000km saved ...

We promoten een circulaire economie, daarom trachten we bij Loveld ons afval te limiteren of in eender welk stadium van het proces optimaal te recycleren. Verder proberen we steeds te onderzoeken hoe we afvalmaterialen meer kunnen hergebruiken in onze productie processen.

Waste Recycling

At Loveld we focus on reducing waste and maximising our circular economy by recycling at every stage of the process. 73,08% is recycled in the process.


Since 2016 we have invested to maximize water recycling and reuse at our facility. We capture rainwater from our factory roofs, which is stored in buffer tanks with a capacity of 200,000l. We further collect all process water from polishing, cleaning and acid etching and pump it to 2 water purification units.

In total we have 360,000l buffer tanks to store harvested and cleaned water.

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