Loveld has always paid a lot of attention to the environment.

We produce all the required process water ourselves. 80% is rainwater and 20% is groundwater. We have built storage tanks with a total capacity of 240 m³.

All waste and surface water is collected and treated to achieve a neutral pH. A buffer and a dosage installation have been built for this purpose.

All waste is collected separately and as far as possible recycled.

Naturally, hazardous products are stored separately. Our policy is to try to avoid potentially hazardous products as far as possible.

In 2009, a photovoltaic installation was completed with a capacity of 708 kW peak. It supplies approximately 75% of our annual electricity use.

Loveld has also been NBN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified. With our internal environmental co-ordinator and an external quality advisor, we guarantee that all our elements are manufactured on the environmentally most friendly way.

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