Duurzaam ondernemen

Loveld nv in Aalter – België voert sinds enkele jaren een actief beleid om duurzaam te ondernemen. We investeren daarbij met als doel een zero carbon emission. De natuur staat centraal bij Loveld.

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  • 100% Renewable energy guaranteed
  • Obtain Environmental product declaration (EPD)
  • Implement cement replacement in all mixes
  • Increase use of recycled materials

  • reduce carbon emission with 50%
  • increase use of cement replacement

  • achieve net zero carbon emission
  • reduce cement content to the minimum
  • offset remaining carbon

Carbon Footprint

Monitoring the embodied carbon associated with our product i.e. all emissions during material extraction, processing, transportation and operation. Carbon emissions are categorized into 3 categories:

  Direct emissions from our plant – Scope 1

  Indirect emissions from energy used – Scope 2

  Indirect emissions from raw materials – Scope 3

At Loveld we focus on reducing waste and to maximize our circular economy by recycling at every stage of the process. We also investigate how we can incorporate more waste material in our products, reducing both the quantity of waste that leaves our factory and the quantity of virgin materials we use.

We have invested heavily to maximize water recycling and re-use at our facility. We capture rainwater from our factory roofs which is stored in buffer tanks with a capacity of 200.000l. We further collect all process water from polishing, cleaning & acid etching and pump it to 2 water purification units.

This cleaned water is then fed into a 100.000l buffer tank from where it is pumped to a neutralizing unit where it is checked and neutralized before it is re-used in our factory process. In total we have 360.000l buffer tanks to store harvested and cleaned water.

This system allows us to avoid discharging any contaminated water towards the canal and to minimise to use of mains water.

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